Surfmist Colour of Freshness and Purity


Surfmist® and Woodland Grey® continually vie for the most popular colour in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette.

Surfmist® is a contemporary colour that aligns itself to modern architecture in both residential and commercial areas. Its clean and fresh neutral character ensures that it will be specified by architects for commercial projects in hospitality, resort, sporting, educational and health related projects.

Surfmist® is one of the most thermally efficient colours in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette, with greater emphasis being placed in this area. Surfmist® meets the most stringent criteria set out by The Building Code of Australia and the New South Wales Building and Sustainability Index.

Surfmist® embodies qualities of freshness, purity, timelessness and independence. It is these basic characteristics that allows architects and design specifiers to use this colour with confidence to highlight the form and lines of their buildings. Others use this colour due to its complete neutrality. White is a symbol of purity and will enhance houses that have a distinctly modern form. Snow, the mist from the sea and surf, pure white sand, and the billowing sails of yachts all remind us of this colour

Housing Type

Architects specify this colour for a wide range of highly designed and developed commercial and residential buildings.

Surfmist®’s neutral colour allows the building form and shape to be the ‘hero’.

Product Application

Roofing is a major product application for this colour. Sweeping curves, undulating forms and the most angular rooflines are all enhanced by this colour whether in the residential or commercial categories.

The colour is synonymous with minimalist architecture. It is also featured as walling on composite housing, used either as an accent panel or to blend subtly with the exterior facade.

Due to Surfmist®’s neutral characteristics, it is ideal for co-ordinating with many other available building products.


A beach house is perfect for this colour, as is a contemporary city dwelling. The colour can blend with the environment or contrast sharply; whichever the building form, it is enhanced by this colour.


Widely used throughout Australia, Surfmist® is dominant in the warmer climates of New South Wales, and particularly in Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory.