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Pink Partition-14

Pink® Partition insulation

Pink® Partition insulation is a lightweight, glasswool product specially designed to be free standing for quick installation in steel stud framing for multi-residential and commercial steel frame buildings. All products are designed to give assurance of effective sound absorption and to reduce noise transfer between rooms. Whilst effectively providing solutions to ‘problem’ acoustic applications, Pink® Partition insulation also provides a range of thermal values making the products suitable for insulating the external walls of a building envelope thereby increasing the comfort levels of building occupants.

Pink® Partition insulation features a Next Generation formula that provides a softer feel for more comfortable handling.


Pink® Partition 168 insulation

Pink® Partition 168 insulation (168 kg/m³) is ideal for the control of room to room sound transmission in offices, classrooms, medical rooms, apartments or homes. It provides a barrier against unwanted sound. It is a heavy density glasswool panel that significantly reduces sound transmission when used in timber or steel stud walls.

Pink® Partition 168 insulation is typically fixed to partition studs under the plasterboard and thus acts as an isolating medium. Pink® Partition 168 insulation can also be used in concrete floor systems and framed ceilings to create a barrier to sound transmission between floors.

Pink® Partition 168 insulation can be used to reduce noise between upper and lower floors. It can significantly reduce the transmission of impact sound when installed between the floor membrane and the concrete floor.


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