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Metal Deck Roof Skylights

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Metal Deck Roof Skylights

Metal Deck Roof Skylights

The Skyspan metal deck roof skylight is the ultimate choice when it comes to Utilizing Nature’s Gift of natural lighting in your home. Rooms are provided with natural light and ventilation, away from the exterior walls, in cost and energy efficiency.


Skyspan’s metal deck roof skylights fit all metal deck roofing profiles and are suitable for most hob mount applications. The complete unit is manufactured from Zincalume steel for durability and is designed for economy, a low silhouette and easy installation.


The Skyspan skylight can be supplied in a range of materials including aluminium, stainless steel and copper. The standard dome is formed from 3mm acrylic and 4.5mm acrylic for larger sizes. There are no fixings through the glazing to allow for thermal cycling. Tint and clear domes are also available.


The Skyspan skylight comes standard as a non ventilated unit with the option of passive ventilation.


The Skyspan skylight is manufactured to comply with the Australia Standard AS4285 and is covered by a seven (7) year guarantee.


The Skyspan skylight can be manufactured to cater to your individual needs and come with a large range of options.


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