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Best Roof Flashings in Town for All Your Needs! 

Roof flashing is one of the oldest and most-effective ways to prevent water from seeping into your building. While the technology itself has been practised for centuries by people from different parts of the world, only recently has it become almost foolproof.  

Metal roof flashings effectively prevent rainwater from penetrating your home. It is a highly versatile and multi-functional solution that consists of butyl self-adhesive backing, it creates a watertight seal and can be installed quite easily.

The increased efficiency of roof sheeting is largely due to the advancement in modern technology. This advancement has enabled the production of high-quality metal roof flashings that provide extreme protection from water. This is why sheet metal flashing has gradually increased in popularity with homeowners, due to their high efficacy for providing a secure level of protection for your home.

Do you need flexible solutions for roof flashing in Melbourne? Marco Sheet Metal Flashings & Products, a leader in theroof flashing, produces all kinds of roof flashings with high-quality materials. You name it and we got it!

Whether you’re looking for curved aprons, ridge caps, barge caps, box gutters, or colorbond roof flashing,you can find them all here. All of our flashings are produced through machine design and are thus highly precise. Our attention to detail and dedication to providing only the highest quality of products has enabled us to become one of the primary proprietors, for roof flashing in Melbourne.

Apron Flashing for Your Sloped Roof 

If you have a beautiful sloped roof that needs flashing, then you can blindly go with our range of apron roofing sheets. Apron flashing is situated at the meeting point of a vertical wall and the top of a sloped roof. If you have a chimney that you’re proud of, then apron flashings are the best.

At Marco, we have apron flashings in different shapes and sizes that will serve you the best. The right fit with high quality is all you get here! 

Barge Flashing for Your End Walls 

You might have often wondered how to properly seal that space between the side edge of your roof and the top of the wall. But you need to wonder no more! Barge flashing does the perfect job of sealing this gap and protecting your building perfectly from water. At Marco, you can find both barge flashings and barge soaker flashings, all made of high-quality Zincalume. These come in attractive colours for your liking. 

Counter Flashing for Perfection! 

Counter flashing, also known as cover flashing or cap flashing, is the roofing of two parallel pieces of flashing together. If you have a chimney that rests on a base flashing, then cover flashing works perfectly into the chimney to give that ideal protection to your roof. 

Aside from the above three fundamental flashings, Marco also produces varieties such as soaker flashing,over flashing, parapet cap flashing, valley flashing, and window canopy flashing. No matter what part of your house needs protection from water seepage, Marco has a solution for you! 

Get In Touch with Us Anytime! 

After all, this, if you’re sure enough that your house needs flashing immediately, then please do not hesitate to contact us right away! Our friendly staff will ensure you get the right guidance and buy only the best from us: You can be assured that when you reach out to us, you will get only the highest quality soaker flashing roof in Melbourne.

You can call us at: (03) 9747 9044 or fax us at: (03) 9747 3055. If you’re an email person, be sure to send us an email at

Just so that you know, we are located at No 16, Collins Road, Melton, Victoria 3337.

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