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Ravishing Rainheads at Marco!

Any building, large or small, will always benefit from a rainwater head. And not just any rainhead but the right one. A rainwater sump is a water container that is located between the downpipe and the gutter. It helps direct the flow of gushing rainwater away from the roof of a building.

The external positioning of a rainhead lowers the risk of water flow inside the building. To say that rain heads and roof sheeting are two important armours of your building is no exaggeration. This is why the importance of a rain head gutter cannot be overstated, as they are essentially responsible for preventing large amounts of potential water damage to your home.

You might ask, “But how do you know for sure that my building needs a rain head gutter?” Well, the answer is simple. If your building has trough gutters, then it needs a rain head gutter. A rainhead can handle even extreme water flow situations with the inclusion of an overflow provision. So, that makes rain heads an inevitable roof-sheeting accessory to your building. Therefore rain heads for downpipes are particularly desirable with homes that have basements, because most of the water damage can often occur in the basement region, but not if you have a box gutter rain head.

How Does Marco Help You?

If your building needs rain heads for downpipes to be fitted, then Marco can be the right place for you. At Marco, you can find a wide range of rain heads that are suitable for different kinds of buildings aimed at different purposes. All of Marco’s rainheads are made in our very own factory that is equipped with cutting-edge technology.

The best thing about Marco is not just the variety you can find but also the customisation you can get. At Marco, you can customise your rainheads according to your needs. Whether you want to get rid of the overflows or include the outlets, you will get exactly what you ask for! We also supply a wide range of colorbond rainwater heads that reduces tank maintenance and offers first-level filtration.

Variety and More Variety!

Rain heads come in five basic styles: round, curved, box, segmented, and tapered. Needless to say, you can find all these basic styles and more at Marco. Some of the rainhead styles you can find in Marco include box-tapered rainhead, concave rainhead, federation rainhead, half-round rainhead, square-tapered rainhead, and standard box rainhead.
If you want to go for a bold design, then round rain heads could be your choice. If you want a smooth and delicate rainhead, then a curved one will fit right. If you’re seeking durability and strength, then tapered rain heads are the best. That’s why they’re mainly used in industrial buildings. Conversely, if you’re looking for a very simple and practical one, then a box gutter rain head is your best bet!

How to Order a Rainhead?

If you want to order a rainwater head from us, it’s better that you know the following information beforehand: The dimensions of the design, the bead height, and the preferred style. Also, knowing the size of the outlet pipe and the position and size of the overflow is important. We even stock colorbond rainwater heads to help provide you with the best protection for your home.

Feel Free to Get in Touch 24X7!

Marco takes pride and satisfaction in serving our customers right. That’s why we encourage you to get in touch with us any time you want! If you find yourself pressed with a query or a simple need for a discussion regarding the purchase of a rainwater sump, then you can contact us in whatever mode fits you.

You can call us at: (03) 9747 9044 or fax us at: (03) 9747 3055

If you’re a mail person, then you can shoot us an email at And did we say pour your heart out in your writing?

If you’re the type of person who is satisfied by a real-time visit, then drop by to our office located at No 16, Collins Road, Melton, Victoria 3337.

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