Manor Red Colour


Manor Red® is a strong colour, set deep in the Australian psyche. It evokes feelings of the fast expanses of red earth found in the Pilbara and other areas of outback Australia.

Manor Red® also has a strong sense of tradition. It is the perfect colour for heritage and classic style housing where its richness and depth of colour emphasises roofing sentiments of the past.

It is ideally suited to the more traditional housing styles, yet when used in a contemporary house design, it displays a bold, distinct character. It is ideal for composite housing styles.

Manor Red® successfully bridges the gap between a heritage red and an all-purpose red colour.

Housing Type

Manor Red® is suitable for the following housing types: Traditional, Classic, Federation, Edwardian and modern interpretations of heritage styles.

Manor Red® is also selected for country farmhouses, contemporary styles and the very popular composite style.

Product Application

Manor Red® is mainly used for roofing on residential housing. Other uses include garage doors and roofing or walling on carports and garages. It is also featured as walling on composite housing.

Project home builders frequently use this colour to highlight fascia and rainwater products when the housing style is suitable.

Manor Red® is suitable for large and small scale industrial and commercial buildings, and is applied as roofing and/or walling.


Manor Red®’s warmth provides a interesting contrast to the green areas of our environment.

A country farmhouse surrounded by trees and greenery can be a welcoming and comforting sight with its warm red roof.

In suburban and other metropolitan areas, Manor Red® merges well with the red bricks.


Manor Red® is popular in the cooler states of Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia with their heritage style houses.

In the last COLORBOND® steel survey, this colour was ranked higher in South Australia than in most other states. Manor Red® is also popular in New South Wales and Western Australia