Jasper Colour for Modern City Buildings


Jasper® is one of the newer colours in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette and has already proven its popularity with consumers. Its browny/grey colour brings a freshness, warmth and difference to the COLORBOND® steel colour palette.

Jasper®’s earthy, neutral colour enables it to be successfully co-ordinated with a wide range of building products and materials: stone, timber, glass, metal, brick and concrete. Endless combinations can be achieved.

It is an architecturally strong colour and bridges the gap between tradition and modernism.

Inspiration for Jasper® is influenced from both city and country associations. It is a sophisticated colour, a designer’s colour bringing images of the latest textiles and furnishing fabrics to mind. These colours can be then translated into a building form.

In inland and coastal regions inspiration for this colour is in abundance, from the barren slopes of the central ranges, the ageing bark on a large gum tree, and the dark shadows on the sand plains to the striated granite outcrops on the coast, this colour is inspiring.

Housing Type

Jasper® is suitable for a wide range of housing styles: it is perfect for inner city ‘infill’ houses sitting alongside modern city buildings, and is ideal for suburban composite housing.

Jasper® is equally at home when used for country farmhouses, traditional houses and reproduction housing styles that portray classic characteristics.

Product Application

Jasper® is mainly used for roofing on residential housing. Other uses include garage doors, and roofing or walling on carports and garages. It is also featured as walling on composite housing, blending subtly with like-colours or acting as a highlight against contrasting colours.

Jasper® is suitable for industrial and commercial buildings and is applied as roofing and/or walling.


Jasper® resonates with warmth and character. It is these qualities that enable it to be specified for a range of environments, whether bush, city, coastal or suburban.


Jasper® is used throughout Australia and is particularly popular in Queensland.