Headland Colour for Traditional and Commercial Buildings


Headland® is the second warm ‘red’ colour in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette, providing an alternative to the deeper colour of Manor Red®.

The colour was inspired by the inland regions of Australia where soil, rock formations, chasms and ranges all evoke this earthy colour. It is warm, mellow and earthy and reminiscent of terracotta paving and brick.

Headland® has a mid strength red/orange hue as opposed to the red/blue hue of Manor Red®. Like Manor Red®, it also bridges the gap between tradition and modernism.

Housing Type

Headland® is mainly used for more traditional residential and commercial buildings, yet it can be specified for a composite style where an architectural edge is required.

Inner city residential and older outer metropolitan developments often use this colour, complementing the streetscape where terracotta paving and red bricks are found. Headland® portrays a familiar informality.

Product Application

Headland® is mainly used for roofing on residential housing. Other uses include garage doors and roofing or walling on carports and garages. It can also be featured as walling on composite housing styles.

It is used for fascia, gutter and rainwater products as a feature colour. Headland® is suitable for industrial and commercial buildings where it is applied as roofing and/or walling.


Headland® resonates with warmth and it is this characteristic that enables it to be specified for a range of environments, whether bush, city, coastal or suburban.


Headland® is used throughout Australia, with predominant usage in South Australia and the Northern Territory.