Colorbond Evening Haze Roof


Evening Haze® is another new colour to be introduced into the COLORBOND® steel colour palette.
While conducting our Colour Audit survey across Australia, it became clear that another lighter colour could be introduced into the range to complement Surfmist®, and to provide an alternative to this very successful colour.

Evening Haze® strongly evokes the coastal landscape, the desert sand, the limestone dunes, the barren plains and the inland and coastal dried grasses and Spinifex.
The colour is also evocative of urban finishes such as concrete, sandstone, pale renders, mortar, and some of the new rendered bricks finishes.

The lightness and warmth of Evening Haze® adds scale to both residential and commercial buildings. The neutrality of this colour is its strength as it is very adaptable for roofing and walling for innumerable commercial and residential projects.

Where Surfmist® and ZINCALUME® steel are considered to harsh in colour; Evening Haze® is the ideal alternative. Having another lighter pale colour in the COLORBOND® steel colour palette is paramount as energy efficiency factors are of major and increasing importance.

The other colours considered to be ‘very light’ or ‘light’ by BASIX and the BCA codes are: Surfmist®, Classic Cream™, ZINCALUME® steel, Paperbark®, Shale Grey®, Sandbank® and Dune®

Housing Type

When used on roofing, this colour can add quality to a beach house as it blends successfully with the coastal environment. In rural areas, this colour can be used for a farmhouse roof and be combined with white on fascia boards, shutters, window frames and doors to create a unique freshness.

City terraces, infill housing developments and suburban houses are also suitable for this new colour.

Commercial buildings of all types are another area where Evening Haze® can be specified.

Product Application

Evening Haze® is suitable for roofing, walling and fencing for residential building and developments. Other uses include garage doors, and roofing or walling on carports and garages. It may also be featured as walling on composite housing projects.

Evening Haze® is suitable for industrial and commercial buildings and is applied as roofing and/or walling.


The subtle, neutral and warm qualities of Evening Haze® enables it to be specified for a range of environments whether bush, outback, city, coastal or suburban.


We believe this colour will be used in all states of Australia, particularly Queensland and Western Australia