Cottage Green Colour


Cottage Green® is a rich, deep green that bridges the gap between heritage styles and today’s contemporary living.

Inspired by heritage buildings of the past, the lush green of the country side, and the tranquil and peaceful qualities associated with this colour; Cottage Green® ranks as a consistently popular colour.

Housing Type

Cottage Green® is suitable for traditional and classic styles, as well as contemporary and modern dwellings found in the outer suburbs.

With their low, long roof lines and sprawling verandas, Cottage Green® is also ideal for use on country houses. Nearby farm outbuildings with expanses of roofing and walling in this colour act as a unifying and harmonious element.

Product Application

This colour is synonymous with roofing on residential housing. Other uses include garage doors and roofing and walling for garages and carports.

Cottage Green® can be a feature colour for heritage style housing where a trim colour; such as on fascia and rainwater products, is required to add a colour interest.

Cottage Green® is often utilised in commercial and industrial buildings.


The tropical rainforests of Queensland, and the highland plains of New South Wales and Victoria, coastal regions, regional centres, and the surrounding outer environs of our metropolitan areas all adopt this colour, whether the housing style is traditional, country or contemporary.

Cottage Green® can also be seen in the suburban landscape of our major cities.