Classic Cream Colour


Classic Cream™ lives up to its name. It is a classic, conservative, safe and neutral colour that appeals to a wide range of consumers throughout Australia.

It is not a fashion colour: Classic Cream™ is a colour that complements the traditional house styles of bygone era. It is a versatile colour that combines with the past yet enhances the classic building styles of today.

Housing Type

Classic Cream™ is often used as an accent in colour schemes with combinations of Manor Red® and/or Cottage Green® for classic and heritage style houses.

Classic Cream™ is also a stand alone colour where a neutral warm colour scheme is required for traditional or contemporary housing styles.

Product Application

Classic Cream™ is regularly utilised for roofing, garage doors, fascia and rainwater products, garage roofing and walling.

Classic Cream™ co-ordinates with many building products due to its warmth and neutrality – timber, pale rendered walls, glass, cream and light coloured bricks and concrete can create an interesting and simple monotone colour scheme.

We understand this colour has the largest sales for garage doors in Australia. COLORBOND® steel sets the standard for many allied manufacturers to follow.

Commercially, Classic Cream™ is used for large scale projects and industrial buildings.


The colour epitomises wheat fields, Spinifex, dried grasses, sand and the sun drenched areas of this continent.

It is familiar, neutral colour that we feel at ease with and is thus specified for varying residential and commercial projects.

It is a light weight colour which is preferred by many local councils due to its high energy efficiency rating with BASIX and BCA.